Welcome to Delray Cargo Services Ltd. Partner with us to ensure reliable, ontime, secure and quality service in Clearing and forwarding. Services ranging from Sea Freight, Air Freight, Land Transport, Consultancy, Customs Brokerage, Container Freight Station, Cargo Insurance and Border Clearence ....
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The Clearing and Forwarding industry is among the most straight forward yet complicated business activities, but coupled with Delray cargo services Ltd this sets you up for Your Ideal Partner in Clearing and Forwarding Services.

With over ten years experience in Clearing and forwarding, Delray boasts an array of clients that cut across the board from Clothing and textiles, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and commodities to Vehicles and Machinery. You name it, and we at Delray Cargo Services Ltd will do it for YOU.....read more

2013 - Business As Usual

We believe that as much as this is an election year, the economy doesnt thrive on politics but a stable government for YOU and US with ideal principles for the socio-economic environment

2013 Jan - DelRay Online

In pursuit of excellence in service delivery and client satisfaction we are constantly improving our Service plans to make importing and exporting process as stress-free as signing up with US